It is rare when an artist can infuse the elements of Rock, Soul, Funk, and Blues into their song writing and playing style, and create a truly unique sound of their own. Robbie has managed to do this while staying true to his roots, but always pushing the envelope. His guitar playing style is old school-in your face 70's bluesy rock with a sprinkling of soul and funk. His sound and tone are every guitar players dream”

Festival & Music Coordinator: Jerry Tolliver

 Robbie Ducey is one of the greatest lead guitarists, lead vocalist. songwriter and composer.  He has released five CDs,  and is in the studio working on number 6.

Robbie Ducey has been tearing it up across the southeastern US since the mid 90's, doing his own unique mix of blues, rock, and boogie. This 'power trio hits you with one relentless groove after another. On Robbie's latest release:"Judgment Day", you can hear many of his heroes and influences from the Robin Trower opening cut:'Win or Lose'to the Robert Johnson/Led Zep style of the title track. Aside from all of the normal hype, these guys really do 'live to play', and are great live.


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Reedy River concert Series
Greenville  SC

Reedy River concert Series Greenville SC